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Finally seeing Park Yoochun in 2 weeks guys!

Finally seeing Park Yoochun in 2 weeks guys!

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Black girl on SMTM!!!


on SMTM, there is a black girl who literally gets NO screentime what so ever!!! This is her!!!!

불 붙여봐라 (Toy Remix)

Her name is TOY. She even has a youtube!!! 

well, someone’s looking fine

well, someone’s looking fine


the anthem


weeabo trash woo jiho

Bobby on why he chose Illionaire (•◡•)


Tablo's having a hard time dealing with his rejection from Giriboy.



HIM FREE!! The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

This is to be the next biggest holiday. 

"Diet?! You don’t need to diet! You’re perfectly pretty as you are! And I really don’t want your prettiness to disappear by even one gram!”
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